All Day Tour in Haifa

All Day Tour in Haifa

Not many are aware of this, but Haifa is one of the most interesting cities in Israel. It’s actually very diverse, and has many unique activities to offer. Whether you like to hang out at the beach. Hiking in the woods or just enjoy the view from a restaurant that is located on the best side of the mountain and provides a pastoral view.

Since Haifa is located on a mountain it has its ups and downs. literally. Meaning there is no chance walking around all the attractions in the city, like it’s usually possible in most touristic cities in the world, it could be exhausting because of the mountain shape. That’s why the best way to get around is with a cab. Make sure you use site for ordering a cab in Haifa. That way You will get the best price and service.

All Day Tour in Haifa with a guide … Ask us

Bahai Gardens

So the main attraction in Haifa is the Bahai Gardens. These gardens are very holy for the Bahais, and they are beautiful. You could see them from above and go down the stairs in the gardens half way, there is no option to go all the way down the stairs unless you are religious Bahai that works there. Which you are probably not.
So when you get out in the middle, order a taxi back up and enjoy a nice meal in Haifa’s center called “The Carmel center” since the mountain Haifa is on called the Carmel.

German settlement

Another  option is to take a taxi to look at the Bahai gardens from the lowest view point which starts at the foot of the mountain in the “German settlement”. There you can see the most impressive building from a very special view point. If you do that, make sure to have a good meal at the very special restaurants on this street.

All Day Tour in Haifa with a guide … Ask us

Now, after getting some culture and eating well, you can go to the kids science museum which is an interesting experience for adults as well! It’s built as a castle and holds inside special rooms that gives a fun view point on science.
Another fun thing to do in Haifa is to go to the beach! In the summer the beaches are beautiful and not packed as the beaches in Tel Aviv.
Then if the beach is not a great attraction for you, you can go hiking in the Carmel forest.

There are easy hikes suited for everyone in the family, and also some a bit more challenging. While Haifa is so interesting it’s hard to get around without a car so if you don’t to spend a lot of money on a car rental and gas book taxi is the best solution for you.

All Day Tour in Haifa with a guide … Ask us

Haifa Gallery (Credit Tom Saimon Photography)

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    by daniele 02/01/2020 19:49

    noi arriveremo in crociera con una nave dall’italia e volevamo organizzare un piccolo tour della città di Haifa (o quello che ci consigliate). siamo moglie e marito e una bambina di 5 mesi.

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