All Day Tour in Tiberias – All the Places You Have to Visit

All day tour in Tiberias is one of the most fun things that any tourist in Israel can do to make his stay very memorable. Tiberias, one of a few holy places for Christians in Israel is naturally one of the cities with the most tourists in Israel. Therefore, every person who comes to visit Israel just can’t wait to get to Tiberias.

With BT-BookTaxi Israel, you can make your trip even more fun and memorable with an all day tour in Tiberias that will cover all the places you have to see.

What are those places? Let’s find out together.

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What to see – Tiberias Archaeological Park

Berko Park, named after Oz Berkowitz. The park covers an area of about 120 dunams and is considered a leading project in the city. Its importance is that it encompasses the entire historical sequence of Tiberias starting with its construction by Herod in the 1st century AD.

One of the things that makes Berko Park unique, is the combination of an archaeological park and an adventure park adapted to a very wide range of ages. It has omegas, abseiling, climbing facilities and facilities for toddlers.

There is no doubt that it is original and blessed, to combine both learning and research as well as an extreme experience in one place. The park also offers beautiful views of the impressive Sea of Galilee.

Where to eat – Little Tiberias

It is among the few restaurants in the city that is open on weekends, serving a rich menu of meats, fish, seafood, pastas and desserts. You can of course reserve a place in advance. The restaurant is located inside an ancient stone building that is part of the ancient wall of Tiberias.

An all day tour in Tiberias won’t be complete without a perfect meal and Little Tiberias most definitely can provide that.

A trip in Tiberias with BT-BookTaxi … Ask us

The photo that needs to be taken – The level gauge

What could be more Tiberian, than to come and photograph the Kinneret level gauge. That’s why we’re here with the important details: in the southern section of the Yigal Alon Trail, you can meet the level gauge, which is actually an environmental sculpture in the shape of our beloved sea and allows digital rather than manual measurement of the level.

That is, as you would like to take a picture at the equator, let’s say, or on the border with some country, we estimate that you would really like to take a picture of the level statue. And today, when there is pleasure from the great Kinneret, then it is worth a picture as a souvenir. Feel free to ask the driver to take a picture of you.


An all day tour in Tiberias is a must for every person who comes to visit Israel.

There is a lot to see in Tiberias Archaeological Park, really good food in Little Tiberias and you won’t forget the time you spent in there thanks to the picture you took in The level gauge.

If you want to promise that your trip will be memorable and fun – book an all day tour in Tiberias with BT-BookTaxi Israel.

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