Ensuring a Smooth Takeoff: Assisting Passengers with Disabilities at Ben Gurion Airport


Air travel has become an integral part of modern life, offering convenience and accessibility for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Ben Gurion Airport, as one of Israel’s major international gateways, strives to make air travel as inclusive as possible. For travelers with disabilities, navigating an airport can present unique challenges, but with proper knowledge and assistance, the journey can be made more comfortable and seamless. In this article, we will explore what passengers with disabilities should know and what services are available to assist them at Ben Gurion Airport.

  1. Advance Planning

For passengers with disabilities, it’s essential to plan your trip in advance to ensure a smooth experience. Here are some key points to consider:

a. Inform the Airline: Notify your airline well in advance about your specific needs. This allows them to make necessary arrangements and allocate appropriate seating if required.

b. Medical Documentation: If you have a medical condition or require specific medical equipment on board, bring all necessary documentation, prescriptions, and medical certificates.

c. Mobility Aids: If you use mobility aids such as wheelchairs or scooters, ensure they are in good condition and meet airline guidelines.

  1. Accessible Facilities

Ben Gurion Airport is equipped with facilities to ensure accessibility for passengers with disabilities:

a. Wheelchair Accessibility: The airport provides wheelchairs and assistance to passengers who require them. These can be requested in advance or upon arrival at the airport.  You can order 48 hours in advance by calling *6663 or +97203-9723333 or by website https://www.iaa.gov.il/en/forms/contact-us/

b. Accessible Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are available throughout the airport.

c. Elevators and Ramps: The airport has ramps and elevators to help passengers move between different levels of the terminal.

  1. Assistance Services

The airport offers a range of assistance services to make your journey more comfortable:

a. Special Assistance Desk: There is a dedicated desk for passengers with disabilities where you can request assistance, ask questions, and get guidance. Counter is on the 3rd floor, gate 32 on the right inside the terminal.

b. Porter Services: If you need help with your luggage, porters are available to assist you.

c. Escort Services: If you require additional support, such as guidance through security and immigration, you can request an escort service.

  1. Security Screening

Passengers with disabilities will go through the same security screening as other travelers. However, there are specific procedures in place to ensure a respectful and efficient experience:

a. Notification: Inform the security staff of any medical devices or conditions that may affect the screening process.

b. Assistance: If you require assistance during security screening, such as a private screening area or a gentle pat-down, do not hesitate to request it.

  1. Boarding and In-Flight Assistance

Boarding and in-flight assistance are designed to cater to passengers with disabilities:

a. Priority Boarding: Many airlines offer priority boarding to passengers with disabilities.

b. Onboard Assistance: Cabin crew can assist with seating, stowing luggage, and other in-flight needs.

c. Communication: If you have any specific communication needs, inform the airline in advance so they can make necessary arrangements.


Traveling from Ben Gurion Airport can be a positive and inclusive experience for passengers with disabilities when the right preparations are made and assistance services are utilized. By communicating your needs to the airline and taking advantage of the facilities and services available at the airport, you can ensure a smooth takeoff and an enjoyable journey to your destination. Ben Gurion Airport, like many others around the world, is committed to making air travel accessible to all, and with the right information and support, passengers with disabilities can confidently explore the skies.

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