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    4.8 rating
    4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 121 reviews)
    Very good6%

    Excellent service

    5.0 rating

    Great communication, efficient quick pickup at the airport, comfortable car, good driver.
    Would recommend highly.

    Francisco Grinberg, MD

    Response from Book Taxi in Israel

    Thank you.
    At your service next ride too.

    Simple and Honest Taxi Service but unclear payment communication between customer and driver

    4.0 rating

    Very easy to use online Taxi Service with honest communication and payment system but …. I had problems about the payment which I opted to pay with PayPal (rather than with cash). The option of PayPal site itself is not easy to use (it took a while to figure out what amount I had to send to who) and this unfortunately also caused some problems with the driver who was not aware that I had paid or not. We had to spend 15 minutes figuring out which servuce to contact to make sure that the payment was made to the driver. Therefore the service was great and very quick responding BUT the PayPal option is very unclear and should be more transparent for BOTH parties.

    Coco Koedooder

    On time and reliable

    5.0 rating

    I needed a taxi from Ben Gurion airport to Haifa. Driver was there on time and it was simple to find him.


    Response from Book Taxi in Israel

    Thank you.
    At your service next time too.

    Glad I ordered this service

    5.0 rating

    The order process was easy, the driver was looking for me as I exited the Ben Gurion terminal, did not have to wait. Ride to Haifa was uneventful and had a nice chat with the driver. He even carried my suitcase to the apartment to make sure everything is OK.
    I plan to use them again when looking for a ride.

    Gershon Shamay

    Response from Book Taxi in Israel

    At your service next time too

    My experience with Book taxi.

    5.0 rating

    The driver who was meant to take me from Jerusalem to Tiberias arrived at the hotel bang on time and loaded my suitcases into the trunk of his car.
    The journey was uneventful and I found the driver to be extremely professional.
    When we arrived at my destination he helped me to unload the cases.
    All in all it was a pleasant experience.

    Michael Altman

    Response from Book Taxi in Israel

    Thank you
    At your service next time too.

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    You have a bit of free time, so come and get to know the beautiful and flourishing of Israel with guided tours that we will be happy to offer you.

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    If you need a comfortable hotel, our operators will book it for you, and take a taxi to the address.


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    We offer you from to all parts of the country and to Ben-Gurion Airport. Fast, professional, courteous and safe service.

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    We offer you express package transportation throughout the country. Fast, professional, courteous and safe service.

    How It Works?

    Book Taxi will help you book taxi in Israel. This is a very simple way, in a few simple and quick steps you will already be with an armored taxi.
    We will guarantee you security, peace and quiet on a trip to Israel.
    Step 1. Enter a Start location
    , enter a Destination, a date and an hour, and then press a “GET QUOTE”.
    Step 2. Fill in your personal information and choose a taxi type by pressing the “Book Taxi”.
    Step 3. Make sure that the details are correct and pay >>>

    A pleasant trip